Over the past 20 years, we have collected numerous testimonials from across South Africa.

Here are just a few of them.

Main bearing housings on an Isuzu 6BD1 motor (and many more subsequently) built up with JB Weld and line bored.


We wanted to let you know that JB Weld is used exclusively around our shop for repairs to metal objects.  It is also used to fill voids in steel pieces after fabrication and after sanding, leaves a perfect finish which is very durable.

Recently JB Weld was used to repair the cylinder wall of a 50 ton hydraulic press.  The hole was patched, the cylinder was bored, and it has been working ever since.  This saved us the cost of a new cylinder and much downtime.

We have tried other similar products, however none compare to JB Weld for ease of application and durability.


I would like to thank you for bringing through a supply of JB Weld after an allen key smashed through the Planeta printing press leaving a 4mm deep x 150mm long groove on the plate and impression cylinders.

This is usually a disaster on any press but we were able to fill the groove and sand it with 600 grit water paper and had the press back in operation within two days. The JB Weld virtually saved the press as conventional repair would have been uneconomical on a press of this age.


“One can imagine that when working with lethal and fast snakes like mambas, control and confidence in equipment is imperative.

The tongs repaired with the JB Weld are still going strong and I now manufacture snake hooks, used by snake handlers world-wide, with the product.”


With the J-B Weld, we can apply the product to the shell of the turtle to keep out the salt water and bacteria until the animal is out of shock.  Then we can remove the product, treat the wounds, reapply the product and remove it as many times as is necessary to save the life of the animal.  Our technique has become so successful, that now the public has begun to bring us land turtles and aquatic turtles that have been run over by cars, or attacked by other animals.  So many turtles now have a second chance of life.


I have two tank mounting brackets on my motor cycle that are leaking fuel,welding is out of the question because of the paint job that cannot be touched up or replaced.

About 20 years ago, I used JB Weld on my oil tank which was leaking slightly and it is still holding.


I re-opened my tubes of JB Weld after 12 years of storage (being lost, really) and after mixing, applying, and curing, it STILL works like a charm!!!!  Strong as can be.  Nothing is better.  I’m going tomorrow to buy some more JB Weld and this time, I hope I don’t lose it.


I have used JB Weld for a number of years and cannot think of another product that works as well as JB Weld!

I have used your product on automotive parts.  My broken glass frames, Christmas manger set (re-attaching one king’s head), wooden separators to an enamel refrigerator pan, even a knife-sharpening cylindrical stone and many more.  In all of these instances, the job was effectively handled.  My son uses it on his remote control car and says it is better than others he has tried, such as super glue.